Date: Jan 2002

Sensational sounds from Nicomatic's
SMD Electro-magnetic buzzers

The new series of SMD Electro-magnetic and Piezzo buzzers recently introduced into the UK by Nicomatic, are available in a range of different styles, sizes and specification.

With the smallest profile in the range, the HCS10B is a side firing 10 x 10mm square buzzer with a 3mm profile and an applied voltage of 3.6V, 50% duty square wave with a sound output at 10cm of ³ 85dB. If height isn't so important an 8.5mm square buzzer is available which at 5V can achieve ³85dB. The top-firing HCS09F series however, has a 9.0mm diameter and is available in three versions, with a 1.5V, 3V and 5V rated voltage. Sound output again is ³80 and ³85 respectively with a rated frequency of 2730Hz. Side-firing versions are available in the HCS09A and HCS09B series.

The range also extends to a series of Piezzo style buzzers, the thinnest being
only 2.8mm in profile in a 16 x 17mm package. The HPS16A has a rated voltage of 3V, a rated frequency of 4000Hz and a sound output of ³ 75dB, while the HPS17A has a rated voltage of 9V, again a rated frequency of 4000Hz but a sound output of ³80 dB.

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