Date: March 2000


The Durel Corporation (a joint venture set up between 3M and the Rogers Corporation) have recently appointed Nicomatic (UK) Ltd as their UK distributor for their superior range of IC based pumping- inductor inverters. These inverters have been designed specifically to give customer matched-system performance to a wide range of product applications as well as reduce EL system cost, improve performance, and simplify the design, specification and manufacture of electroluminescent backlighting systems.

Durel was the first company to introduce IC based switch-mode DC to AC inverters to the EL backlighting market and have since concentrated their expertise in providing a wide range of inverter products that cover the performance map. For example, the latest technology used offers low-noise performance, ideal for sensitive applications in handsets and other portable applications.

The inverters are powerful, efficient, quiet, economical and require minimal external components and board space. The Durel D358, one of the most powerful IC inverters on the market today, requires only two external components (one inductor and one capacitor) to drive EL lamps of up to 30in2. It operates with supply voltages of 1.2 – 5.5VDC and features low standby current - ideal for low-power portable products, PDA’s and large LCD’s.

At the other end of the scale, the D340 is the smallest, lowest cost IC inverter in the range and requires only a single inductor to complete a circuit capable of driving up to 5in2 EL lamps- making it ideal for watches, pagers and small LCD’s.

These inverters are available in the UK through Nicomatic, either as bare die in probed wafer form, in die trays and in a standard MSOP-8 plastic package in tube or tape and reel. Designer kits are also available for evaluating and identifying the optimum component values for the application.

EL The Source of Light

One of the most powerful inverters on the market today; available as bare die in probed wafer form, in die trays and in a standard MSOP-8 plastic package in tube or tape and reel.

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