Date: June 2002

Miniature Speakers Make a Big Noise

Small enough even for earpiece applications, the NHSB20A is just one in a
range of Miniature speakers introduced into the UK by Nicomatic.

With a 20mm diameter and a 3.5mm profile, the HSB20A has a frequency range of 1000 3500Hz, a sound output of 72 3dB and a coil impedance of 8 15% . With over 20 different types in the range, with varying specifications, the speakers are suitable for applications as wide-ranging as earpieces and miniature apples to laptops, data entry terminals and miniature keyboards.

The speakers are available in a variety of different mounting methods; lead wires, spring contacts, with adhesive pads and sealing washes. If frequency range is a priority however, the HSP3040A produces a massive 450 ~ 12000 Hz at a sound output of 78 3 dB, while the HSP52A tops at a 200 ~ 13000Hz at 82 3 dB.


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