Crimpflex Connector System


Nicomatic's patented Crimpflex® connector system has been developed specifically for use in membrane switch and flexible circuit applications. In view of this the crimping application equipment was developed to enable one-hit mass-termination with the maximum flexibility to crimp a variety of materials with differing lengths.

Product Selection Guide

Pneumatic Press - 10125 SA

  • The contacts are moved into the tool automatically according to the graduated position on the rotative cylinder which corresponds to the required number of contacts to be crimped. This machine is also equiped with a down counter which allows you to preselect a precise number of operations and stops automatically once it is back to zero.
  • This machine works entirely pneumatically with a required air pressure of 6 bars dry air.
  • The press is operated by a foot pedal and available with two different toolings for male and female contacts. The machine has been designed to facilitate a quick and easy changing of the tool.
  • Up to 30 cycles per minute of crimping 2 to 25 ways can be achieved dependant upon operator dexterity.
  • Dimensions without reel (L x W x H) : 76 x 60 x 48cm
  • Dimensions with reel (L x W x H) : 96 x 60 x 63cm
  • Net Weight : 35 Kg (packed in a wooden crate for transport : 15 Kg)

Manual Press - 10025 MOM

  • The contacts are moved forward from stop to stop by hand via the side loader. The graduated positions correspond to the number of contacts to crimp (2 to 25 ways).
  • The crimping is operated manually via the upper lever.
  • This machine is available with three different toolings for male, female and square male contacts and has been designed to enable quick and easy change of the tool.
  • A pitch of 5.08mm can be achieved by using an adapter with the square male contact.
  • Up to seven cycles per minute can be achieved dependant on operator dexterity.
  • Dimensions without reel (L x W x H) : 79 x 40 x 54 cm
  • Dimensions with reel (L x W x H) : 99 x 40 x 61 cm
  • Net weight : 22 Kg (packed in a wodden crate for transport : 8 Kg)