Crimpflex Connector System


Developed and patented by Nicomatic, the crimpflex connection sytem complies with the most rigerous electrical and mechanical requirements. The crimping of the contacts is obtained by piercing the conductor in 6 points, which ensures excellent mechanical retention by 2 points and electrical contact by 4 points with very reduced contact resistance.

Crimping Environment:

  • Flat copper conductors, silver or carbon ink printing conductors, etc
  • All types of flexible circuits with thickness ranges from 125 microns to 350 microns (for other dimensions contact us)
  • Can pierce all types of materials : polyester, FR4, polymide, PTFE, etc
  • Use of contacts on reel at a final pitch of 2.54mm


  • Crimping of all the contacts in one operation which saves time and allows more accuracy
  • Easy checking of good crimping
  • Mounting of the housing on the female connector after crimping
  • The width of the circuit to connect is not subject to the width of the housing
  • The housing can be removed

Crimping Recommendations:

Good Crimp Profile
Poor Crimp Profile