Jumpers for Pin Headers

We are pleased to offer jumpers suitable for 1mm, 1.27mm, 2.0mm & 2.54mm pitches that are available as individual jumpers either open or closed. Multiple block jumpers are also available which can be customised in terms of colour, length and which cavities include the shunt contact - please call our team to discuss any specific requirements.

Click on the Part Number you are interested in below to take you to the data sheet.

Product Selection Guide
Pitch (mm) Description Part Number
2.54 Single Jumper/Shunt CCIJ235
Multiple Jumper/Shunt CCMIJ235-XX
2.0 Single Jumper/Shunt CCIJ2MM
Multiple Jumper/Shunt MIJ2MM-XX
1.27 Single Jumper/Shunt CTAIJ050
Multiple Jumper/Shunt MAIJ050-XX
1.0 Single Jumper/Shunt CTAIJ1MM
Multiple Jumper/Shunt MAIJ1MM-XX


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