ZT-6 AirFountain Table Top Hot Air Reflow Machine

We offer the ZT-6 AirFountain which addresses the problem of reflowing the PC104 connectors to PCB's. This small completely portable table top machine uses directed hot air to directly heat only the small area around it. This machine has its own internal air supply so no compressed air or special hook-ups are required. This production machine can be quickly readied for use on the production floor, the test lab, or even an engineers desk. This hot air reflow system is used with our connectors with integrated solder. It provides a fast method to solder all of the pins at one time, eliminating costly hand soldering and elimates the chance for getting solder onto the long connector pins.

The reflow air temperature is tightly maintained via a digital microprocessor controller. The heated air is directed to the bottom of the PCB and is targeted directly to the leads of the connector making for a clean, non-contact reflow. This machine provides repeatable results and is ideal for both low nad high volume applications.

Processing Steps

The process steps are:
1. Insert the solder bearing PC04 connector into the board
2. Add flux (flux may be added before inserting the connector)
3. Place the assembly onto the ZT-6 AirFountain
4. Allow 1 minute for reflow. While the board is heating the operator can prepare teh next board
5. Remove the assembly and cool the solder joints

Removal of Connectors

The ZT-6 AirFountain allows quick extraction and removal of the PC104 connectors providing for quick rework. The simultaneous reflow of all leads means that a technician can extract the entire connector right out of the board without fear of lifting pads. Once the connector is removed, the technician simply taps the board to remove any residal solder which may be in the plated through holes.

Other Applications for the ZT-6 Machine

This machine can also be used for more that PC104. It can be used to attach or remove Pin Grid Arrays, Ball Grid Arrays or other surface mount devices - contact us for more information.


Dimensions (WxHxD) 47 x 19 x 23 cm
Electrical Rating 120VAC/60Hz/1500W or 220VAC on request
Power Connection IEC style power cord and receptacle
Weight 7.0kg
Air Supply Self-contained. No air hook up required
Temperature Range 100-315° C
Construction Lightwieght Durable Steel, ESD Safe
Temperature Control Closed loop feedback microprocessor
Timer Digital countdown with audible beeper
Mil Spec Mil Spec compliant and approved for space applications

Ordering Information

Part Number: ZT-6
Leadtime: 4-6 weeks from receipt of order
Adjustable board stand to hold PCB's up to 20" x 18"
Smoke and fume extractor with 3 activated carbon filters
Connector extraction tool
Hard shell travel case

Please specify voltage require when ordering.

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