Board to Board

Our extensive range of board to board connectors are categorised by Pitch and whether it is a pin header or socket. By selecting the pitch and style you are interested in this will take you to a product selection guide for that individual range. You can then select by style such as leaded or smd or other particular types.

If you have any problems findimg the part you are looking for then drop us an email or telephone us and we will be pleased to help!

Product Selection Guide
Pitch (mm) Style
ALL Custom Pin Headers Through Hole
Custom Pin Headers SMD
0.8 Pin Headers
1.0 Pin Headers
1.27 Pin Headers
2.0 Pin Headers
2.54 Pin Headers
2.54 HE13/HE14 Headers and Sockets
Jumpers/Shunts for Pin Headers
PC104 & PC104 plus connectors
Boxed Headers
SCSI 3 Compatible Connectors


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