Conductive Compounds

Since 1994, Conductive Compounds, Inc. has been providing specialty materials used to manufacture membrane switches, rigid and flex circuits, and for EMI/RFI shielding and thermal management of electromechanical assemblies. Our product line includes electrically conductive and resistive inks, electrically conductive and thermally conductive adhesives, thermally conductive potting compounds, electrically conductive and resistive coatings, and ultraviolet cured dielectrics, encapsulants, conformal coatings and pressure sensitive adhesive.

Conductive Compunds tailor their products to each customer's demanding specifications. Our conductive inks are available in fast drying or slow drying configurations. The rheology and cure rate of our conductive epoxy adhesives can be adjusted to accommodate screen printing, automated dot dispense or manual application processes.

Our products are available in any quantity and packaging configuration. Two part electrically conductive epoxies can be purchased in pre weighed open containers or sealed plastic pouches, or premixed and frozen in syringes.

Product data sheets are available from this web site, and free samples are always available.

Our formulating and manufacturing capabilities allow us to work with a wide range of polymers and fillers to produce a variety of materials for custom applications. Our test laboratory allows us to provide electrical, thermal and rheological properties to help you better understand how our materials will work in your production environment.

We offer unsurpassed technical support and customer service, and are always willing to roll up our sleeves and go to work on your tough problems.

Conductive Compounds, Inc. formulates electrically and thermally conductive materials for a wide variety of applications. We also offer ultraviolet (UV) curable products. Here are a few of the many places you will find our materials:

Membrane Switches

  • Our component attachment combination of EP-600 silver epoxy and UV-3010 encapsulant is outstanding for LED and diode attachment on flexible substrates. The EP-600 is compatible with both dot dispense and screen printing processes, and three different cure rate configurations are available to accommodate different manufacturing processes. Evaluation of component push off strength shows that the EP-600 gives a push off force 2 to 3 times greater than other silver filled conductive epoxies.

  • The UV-3010 encapsulant does not string during dot dispensing, resulting in faster throughput and higher yield.

  • AG-500/AG750/AG-800 silver conductive ink, C-100, C-200 carbon resistive ink and UV-3201 dielectric are compatible with all screen printing processes - from small manually operated to high volume automated presses.

  • C-100 carbon ink is used to print in line resistors.

  • All of Conductive Compounds, Inc. membrane switch materials are engineered so they can be customized to make them more compatible with each customer’s unique manufacturing process.

Touch Screen Assemblies/Electroluminescent Lamps

  • AG-500 silver ink and EP-600 silver epoxy have excellent adhesion to indium tin oxide (ITO) substrates, and are used for bus bars and conductive paths.

  • UV-1006 dielectric has outstanding adhesion to ITO substrates, and will not flake off during bending or die cutting.

  • Electro/Mechanical Assembly

  • EP-600 silver epoxy adhesive is used for bonding ground wires to ceramic dielectric substrates in smoke and flame detection equipment for commercial aircraft.

  • AG-500 conductive ink is used for screen printing electrically conductive targets to evaluate projectile speed of military weapons.

  • XM-150 thermally conductive adhesive is used in assembling hybrid circuit “flip chip” configurations.

  • Our thermally conductive adhesives are used in sensor assemblies for monitoring oil pipelines.

  • XM-268 water based anti-static coating is used in high speed equipment for manufacturing disposable diapers and air bag assemblies for automobiles.

  • C-100 carbon resistive ink is used for screening in-line resistors and resistive layers for custom built audio speakers. We offer custom blending of the C-100 carbon ink with the AG-500 conductive ink to give specific resistance ranges.

  • UV-3010 encapsulant is used as a conformal coating for communication circuit boards as protection against harsh environments.

Medical Sensors

  • AGCL-500 is a unique electrically conductive silver chloride filled ink designed for screen printing medical sensors.

Product Selection Guide
AG-500 Silver Filled Electrically Conductive Screen Printable Ink/Coating
AG-750 Silver Filled Electrically Conductive Screen Printable Ink/Coating
AG-800 Silver Filled Electrically Conductive Scrteen Printable Ink/Coating
AGCL-500 Silver Chloride Electrically Conductive Screen Printable Ink/Coating
C-100 Carbon Filled Electrically Conductive Screen Printable Ink/Coating
C-200 Carbon Filled Electrically Conductive Screen Printable Ink/Coating
EP-600 Silver Filled Electrically Conductive Two Part Epoxy Adhesive
EP-900 Silver Filled Conductive Two Part Component Epoxy Adhesive
EP-1000 Silver Filled Electrically Conductive Single Component Epoxy Adhesive
EP-1100 Silver Filled Electrically Conductive Single Component Epoxy Adhesive
UV-2507 Ultraviolet Curable Screen Printable Dielectric Coating
UV-3201 UV Curable Screen Printable Dielectric Coating
UV-3010 UV Curable Water Resistant Conformal Coating/Encapsulant
UV-1006 Ultraviolet Curable Dielectric
CCI-120 Electrically Conductive, Carbon Filled Water Based Urethane Coating
XM-409 Single Component Thermally Conductive Epoxy Adhesive
ESB9502 Thermally Conductive Flexible Epoxy Potting Compound
ESB150 Thermally Conductive/Thermal Shock Resistant Epoxy Adhesive

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